DWO has a number of ministries that are focused on constant spiritual growth in individuals, families and ultimately, Kingdom. Many of our ministries include ongoing discipleship programs that provide readily available opportunities for accelerated growth through the constant sharing of God’s Word, testimonies and practical application principles.

Seasoned Saints

DWO’s ministry to and for members that are around and over the age of 50. Although this ministry is geared towards a mature age-group, we consistently see gleaming examples that prove that its name also refers to its members’ state of spiritual growth and awareness.

This ministry provides many service, support, and fellowship opportunities and is a very active presence in our ongoing ministry efforts as well as social activities.

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Mens Ministry

Designed to provide a vehicle for ministry to men in the Body of Christ to develop undeniable manifestation of personal purpose, priorities and kingdom power through development in biblical courage, chivalry, ability, and substance.

The underlying principles are designed to strengthen the man in his walk with Christ, strengthen his family and thereby ultimately strengthen the local church.

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Heart to Heart

DWO’s ministry to and for women and it is designed to empower and unite women from various backgrounds to positively impact their homes and communities with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to have every Woman’s gifts connected and engaged with Godly character and a Kingdom focus.

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DWO’s ministry for married couples and is designed to create strong marriages, families, churches and as a result, empowered communities. We empower couples to change, grow and support other DWO ministries through parenting workshops and cross-ministry discussions.

ispark encompasses several premarital and marital discipleship programs and is open to couples outside of DWO.

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Legacy Youth Ministry

Committed to reaching and to disciple youth ages 12-18 to become those:

  • Who know, worship and follow God completely
  • Who consistently grow in godly character
  • Who know how to achieve their divine destiny
  • Who obtain Kingdom success in daily life such that they develop the conviction to do the right thing
  • Who have the courage to live a sanctified lifestyle
  • Who demonstrate compassion to serve Christ, love others, and lead others to Him

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Destiny Zone Children's Ministry

Destiny Zone Children’s Ministry partners with parents to disciple, equip and empower children to achieve their divine destiny. Our staff is committed to helping your children grow in godly character such that they develop the conviction to do the right thing, have the courage to live holy, and the compassion to lead others to Him.

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