WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18th, 2020 6:00pm

Dear Detroit World Outreach Church Family,

What a roller coast it seems our world has been on these past couple of days. Last week I began a new message series for our midweek service (Thursdays @ 11am) entitled “Responding to Conflict”. I had no idea the conflict that would accelerate regarding COVID-19. On Sunday, we had an amazing time as we gathered for Worship & the Word on Sunday morning. With the majority of our local Church Family joining our Worldwide Media Church family by watching online, several people gathered (withing the legal amount for assemblages at that time) to worship in our spacious facility. For the safety of the American public, our government has again limited the number of those gathered together in a shared space. This time, the number has been reduced to 50 persons. As a ministry that operates with integrity, we joyfully follow the law of the land.

It is obvious to us that we will be unable to hold services in the building. There are times that there are more than 50 people in the praise team. Again, there is no need to fear – we’ve got you covered. We have planned two Sunday morning services that will be recorded live in the Auditorium of Detroit World Outreach Church. While the building will be closed for in-house attendance, you’ll have the opportunity to watch our live service(s) at 9am & 11am on our Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, the DWO App & our church website ( Our praise team will be leading us, Bishop will share God’s Word and we’ll all have the opportunity to worship the Lord in the paying of tithes and the sowing of offerings.

Many have asked how they can give financially without attending a service in person? We have many different ways for you to do this. You can download our DWO App by going to the Apple/Android/Google Play store(s) and search “Detroit World Outreach” and download the App. You’ll be able to give right there on your phone. Additionally, you can go to our website ( and give securely there. Lastly, you are welcome to mail your checks/money orders payable to Detroit World Outreach Church. Our address is DWO | 23800 West Chicago | Redford, Michigan 48239.

Your safety is of great concern to us. I continue to confess that COVID-19 shall leave as quickly as it came in Jesus name in addition to praying Psalms 91 over all of you. While we all know that ‘this too shall pass’ we are thankful for a skilled staff ready to serve you to the best of our abilities by offering Sunday Online Services. Our Thursday morning service is still scheduled as we have not exceeded the legal number for assemblages. However, if you feel as though you may have been exposed to the virus or you are weak in body, I recommend you stay home and rest. As always, we not only want to get connected to you, but to stay connected. Please continue to email your prayer requests to so our prayer team can continue to pray for your needs.

Such a Joy to Serve You!
Bishop CJ Andre, D.D. – Senior Pastor


FRIDAY, MARCH 13th, 2020 5:00pm

​Dear Detroit World Outreach Church Family,

My hope is that each of you have had a fulfilling day thus far. I wanted to take the time to write an additional statement which is in regards to our Governor’s Executive Order released this morning (03/13/2020) @ 11:14am. It is important that you and I be familiar with what she has ordered as it applies to us as a church – being one of Metro Detroit’s largest congregations.

​Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered… “Beginning on March 13th, 2020 at 5:00pm, and continuing through April 5th, 2020 at 5:00pm, all assemblages of more than 250 people in a single shared space and all events of more than 250 people are prohibited in this state, except for assemblages for the purpose of: industrial or manufacturing work; mass transit; or the purchase of groceries or consumer goods. A single shared space includes but is not limited to a room, hall, cafeteria, auditorium, theater, or gallery. This prohibition does not abridge protections guaranteed by the state or federal constitution under these emergency circumstances.”

​Why does this matter to us? Each week hundreds of people fill our sanctuary on Sunday mornings for Worship Services, Children’s Church, Youth & Young Adult Ministry & Various Classes beginning at 9:00am.

With a wholehearted joyful desire to be in compliance with the law and for the well being of our members and guests, we will be limiting the number of people allowed in the main building to what our Governor has ordered – 250 persons.

​In keeping compliant with the law and the best interests of our members and guests in mind, we have prepared to offer an additional service which will be exactly the same as what is being held in Main Sanctuary but held in the North Building (formerly known as the Vault). This is one of the many renovated and spacious buildings located on our spacious campus. There is no need to fear for far parking as we offer 1460 parking spots in the main lot(s). We are preparing for this service to begin at 9:30am, perhaps sooner as the sanctuary fills up. If we approach the 250 number of attendees, we will begin to assist those coming in for service over to the North Building. Both services will dismiss at the same time.

​Please be aware that all services, programs, classes, and groups will continue as normal and our Café and Bookstore will remain open. Additionally, we will have the balcony(s) open for those who wish to have some extra space for themselves. Please know that I take your concerns very seriously. If you have not had a chance to read the initial statement published yesterday on the front page on our website (See Below) and all social media outlets, please take time to familiarize yourself with it.

​For those who may maybe staying home this weekend, no need to be sad – we’ve got you covered! Please join our World Wide Media Church family this week by tuning in online via Facebook (Live Stream), our YouTube channel, the DWO app, or on our website. You can also have the opportunity to submit prayer requests and give tithe and/or sow offerings.

​On Sunday we are going to have great services as God moves among us. It remains a great joy to serve as your pastor. Just remember that what we are experiencing during this temporary adjustment will soon be behind us. As far as COVID-19 is concerned ‘this too shall pass’. Each of you remain in my prayers. Be encouraged in the Lord! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

I Love You!

Bishop CJ Andre, D.D. – Senior Pastor


Dear Detroit World Outreach Church Family,

We love you dearly and want to offer you guidance and reassurance concerning the Coronavirus. Let me start by reminding us all that we are to walk in faith as well as wisdom. In serving you, we want you to know that we take your concerns very seriously.

In a meeting with faith-based leaders, the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, stated “don’t panic… stop buying masks… wash your hands. And, stop shaking hands in church.” We are heeding to his advice and taking the following precautions.

First, if you have any type of flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever, nausea, or achiness, or have been in contact with anyone who is suspected to have the virus-please stay home and rest. This does not mean that you can’t participate in the Worship and Word Experience. You can join our Worldwide Online Church through our Facebook page (live stream), YouTube Channel, the DWO app, or our website, If you choose to stay home, please engage with us online and let us know your prayer request so we can be praying for you. We count it a privilege to serve you.

Secondly, we are reminding all of our staff and volunteers to become extra mindful of good hygiene behavior – especially those who are serving our children and elderly members.

Thirdly, we would like to remind you that we have a very large auditorium that can hold 3000+ individuals. For those that would desire to have a few extra open seats around you, we gladly will make that available to you by opening our balcony(s). Additionally, it is our intention to have as many hand sanitizer stations available as possible.

As followers of Christ, we KNOW that ‘this too shall pass’ but we want to operate in a spirit of wisdom to protect those in our church family who may be vulnerable to this virus. Again, these precautions are being offered in a spirit of love and wisdom, not fear and anxiety. As a Faith Church our message remains the same – our faith triumphs over all fears & wisdom is principal.

We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday. Please know that we will never cancel a scheduled Church Service here at DWO! These are great days filled with great opportunities! Our Lord is on the move in His Great Church! It is so exciting and fulfilling knowing that we are functioning in the center of His GOOD, PLEASING & PERFECT will.
We love and appreciate you all!

Bishop CJ & Pastor Danielle Andre


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