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Creative Arts Ministries: 
The Creative Arts Ministry seeks to take the message of the Gospel at DWO, and brings a visual impact beyond the spoken word through drama, costuming, props, lighting, and makeup, sets an special effects.  

DwoTown Children's Ministries:
Our children's ministry ministers to children from Kindergarten to 5 th grade at Detroit World Outreach. We believe that children have the potential to be champions for Jesus. We place a tremendous emphasis on teaching and illustrating the Word of God under the anointing of the holy Spirit to all children who come through the doors of DWO. Every child is unique and special to God. Jesus said, "Whoever receives one little child like this in my name, receives me." Matthew 18:15

Discipleship Ministries:
Discipleship Ministries is an extension of the discipleship ministry of our Pastor, Benjamin Gibert. We provide the basic and advanced training that explains the mission of DWO and the 7 DWO Distinctives. 

WOV (Women of Virtue):
To see women in the body of Christ have undeniable manifestation of Peace, Purpose, Divine Order, and Kingdom Power through a visible lifestyle display of diligence, strength, dignity and excellence. To build a nationwide network of Women’s Discipleship ministries building Godly character, relationships, families, local churches. To effectively win over the unbeliever through life changing media, citywide and national events, and through a powerful demonstration of unity amongst sisters in the Lord. 
Living Singles:
We have created an environment at all of our functions that allows support in sharing our relationships with God and our Lord. Through this, it allows mentoring and encouragement amongst one another as we build our relationship first with God and then with each other.
(MOV) Men of Valor:
MOV was started in May of 2001 as an evolution of the men's ministry at DWO and a continuation of a divine mandate that Elder Gibert, then Pastor Gibert, had been pursuing since his early twenties. MOV has branch and affiliate organizations in the following locations: Killeen, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; and Windsor, Ontario. MOV is designed to create strong families and in turn strong churches. MOV assists DWO by encouraging men to serve in the body where their personal gifting is best sided or needed for the advancement of the church.
Monday School: 
This ministry is for our special friends with mental and physical challenges. We minister to a group of special people that have in many ways been neglected in the church world today. Monday school has been influential in helping establish schools in other church locations in the Metro Area.
Praise and Worship:
The mission of our Praise and Worship ministry is to assist in fulfilling the mission of Detroit World Outreach. When ministering in a Church for All Colors, we make sure that we sound like a Church For All Colors. With styles from gospel to contemporary, our desire is to minister to the body of Christ as a whole.
Prayer Engine:
Our ministry is here to provide various prayer and outreach opportunities, to give biblical guidance to those in crisis, to conduct a midweek, morning service, and to oversee the altar ministries. We also teach, train, and mentor ministry leaders in prayer and prayer ministry.
Seasoned Saints Ministry:
Our ministry at DWO is to exhort, teach, mentor and help bring gifts, talents and abilities forth in the seasoned saint who may have felt their time of ministry had passed them by. 
Soldiers of Radiance:
Our mission is to equip members experiencing the challenge of cancer to be victorious over every challenge they face. We provide immediate and on-going support and guidance, and create an environment for voicing concerns and thoughts, as well as praise reports. Our endeavor is to help these members and their families, through the study of the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship, to experience the comfort and love of Jesus Christ first-hand on their journey towards total wholeness.
Song of Solomon:
Song of Solomon Marriage Ministry (SoS) was established so that married couples at all ages and stages could have an avenue through which they will learn to express and manifest love and freedom in their relationships. SoS assists marriages in accomplishing this through development of biblical knowledge, understanding and the execution of biblical principles. Songs of Solomon Marriage Ministry (SoS) provides couples with growth opportunities through: 
U-Count is driven with the purpose of providing a complete health program that encourages the individual to better fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This will empower individuals to achieve their destiny by building confidence, strength and endurance in body, soul and spirit.  
V3 Youth Ministries:
Coming Soon!!