DWO has a number of ministries that are focused on constant spiritual growth in individuals, families and ultimately, Kingdom. Many of our ministries include ongoing discipleship programs that provide readily available opportunities for accelerated growth through the constant sharing of God’s Word, testimonies and practical application principles.

Below you will find a brief synopsis of each of our ministries. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information or would like to participate in one or more of our ministries.

  • Marriage Ministry

    ispark logo
    ispark is DWO's ministry for married couples and is designed to create strong marriages, families, churches and as a result, empowered communities. We empower couples to change and grow and support other DWO ministries through parenting workshops and cross-ministry discussions. ispark encompasses several premarital and marital discipleship programs and is open to couples outside of DWO.

    ispark Key Ministries include:
    • Premarital education classes
    • “God’s Blueprint for Marriage” enrichment classes
    • “Living the God-kind of Marriage” conferences
    • Marriage Tune-up quarterly seminars
    • Spring and Fall Marriage Bootcamps
    • Vitamin C’s for Couples
    • Couple’s Accountability Partners

    Contact Us for more information.
  • Men's Ministry

    The Men's Ministry is based on biblical principles, many of which were gleaned from 2 Samuel 23:8-25. It was established at Detroit World Outreach in 1999 at the urging of the Holy Spirit.

    The Men's Ministry was designed to provide a vehicle for ministry to men in the Body of Christ to develop undeniable manifestation of personal purpose, priorities and kingdom power through development in biblical courage, chivalry, ability and substance. The underlying principles were designed to strengthen the man in his walk with Christ, strengthen his family and thereby ultimately strengthen the local church.

    The Men's Ministry accomplishes this by providing contemporary discipleship and growth opportunities for men as well as a commitment system in which men are provided:
    • A roadmap to increasing commitment and growth in the Christ through the 12 principles of the Men's Ministry
    • An opportunity to create a foundation for identification, relationships and consistent growth
    • A culture that recognizes the contribution/commitment of every committed man in the Body of Christ

    Key Ministries include:

    Discipleship Opportunities
    • Monthly Gathering ~ First Saturday of every month at 8am
    • Destiny Councils
    • Quarterly Everyman Day
    • Men's Ministry Foundational Teachings (FIST): Open door to the Men's Ministry Discipleship System - Faithfulness, Integrity, Stewardship, Trust, Sexual Integrity, Strange Woman
    • Warrior’s Walk- ministry to give men tools to fight the Sexual Integrity battle
    • Life of David class- weekly teaching of Men's Ministry pillars: Courage Chivalry, Ability, Substance
    • Annual Called to Conquer Men’s Convocation

    Fellowship Opportunities
    • Quick Connect ~ a 10 minute get acquainted meeting for men who are new converts, first time visitors, men new to the Men's Ministry or other church members
    • Circles of Strength- small group fellowship of 6-12 men that develop relationship, accountability and agreement in prayer ~ meet for 90 minutes about once a month.
    • Iron Sharpens Iron—counsel and fellowship of those of like calling
    • Brother to Brother covenant accountability relationships
    • Quarterly Everyman Days Fellowships
    • Special Bridge Events ~ fellowship, social, service/outreach events

    Service Opportunities
    • Valet Parking at Women’s Summit
    • Adopt a Park - maintaining local Detroit parks in the summer
    • Foreign Missions opportunities through DWO Missions Possible
    • Sons of Valor mentoring program for teenage boys
    • Special needs assistance - seniors/single mothers

    A Commitment System to guide and recognize personal growth
    • The Men's Ministry pin level system

    What is the role of the Men's Ministry in the local church and how do you work with other ministries?
    • The Men's Ministry is designed to create strong men, families and in turn strong churches
    • The Men's Ministry assists the local church by encouraging men to serve in the body where their personal gifting is best suited or needed for the advancement of the church.

    What are some of the key topics taught in the Men's Ministry?
    The Pillar Principles of the Men's Ministry:
    • Courage: The Boldness to face life and the pursuit of destiny with a steadfast confidence in God and His word.
    • Chivalry: To govern relationships by the word of God especially those with women.
    • Ability: To have ever increasing personal ability enabled by the grace and principles of God’s word
    • Substance: To be men of substance, not fooled by the deceitfulness of riches but ever increasing in Kingdom resources.

    Men's Ministry Foundational Teachings
    • FIST (Faithfulness-Integrity-Stewardship-Trust)
    • Integrity in relationships with women (Sexual Integrity-Strange Woman)

    Prosperity: Wealth Building
    • Deceitfulness of riches, Budgeting, Sowing-Reaping- and Stewardship

    Kingdom principles for family/covenant/accountability relationships

    What are the 12 Principles of the Men's Ministry?
    1 - To build enduring Christian families by being examples of love, headship, pattern, provision and purpose.
    2 - To be a driving force behind the purpose of the church:
    • Walk in the love of Christ
    • Seek and save those who are lost
    • Destroy the works of the devil
    • Live and model the abundant life
    • Display the excellence of God on the earth

    3 - To destroy racial and economic barriers with quality relationships, such that we model the unity that God desires in the Body of Christ.
    4 - To break strongholds such that we operate in liberty and successfully pursue destiny.
    5 - To live a life of diligence based on biblical principles.
    6 - To learn from others and each other such that we can inherit all of the promises of God.
    7 - To be visible, inspiring models of service to the vision and leadership of the church.
    8 - To be knowledgeable of the Word of God such that we can live successful lives based on its principles.
    9 - To be aggressive men of faith, systematically pursuing the promises of God.
    10 - To be men displaying Christ-like character, relationship and ability in that we are considered men of a different name.
    11 - To walk in the wisdom of God such that we can act wisely in personal as well as corporate crisis situations ---producing constant victory.
    12 - To command the attention and respect of the world through our character, service and substance, resulting in men coming to repentance.

    For more information about the Men's Ministry call (313) 794-5151 or email mov@dwo.org

    CLICK HERE if you would like to download lesson notes from some of our monthly gatherings.
  • Prayer Ministry

    Prayer Ministry is devoted to the revival of a fresh, unique, energized and sanctified worship atmosphere. We seek to create an environment for God to move by His Spirit and the unlimited demonstration of His power. Prayer at DWO is energizing, engaging, refreshing, and rewarding. No matter where you are in your personal life of prayer, God delights to take you deeper. We provide various prayer outreach opportunities, intercessory prayer gatherings and overseeing of the altar ministries. We pray diligently to see the fulfillment of God’s plan for His Church.

    Prayer Ministry Cadence (Attend any to connect):
    • 6:00 AM – First-Things-First Prayer Service (Chapel – Room 207)
    • 7:30 AM – Preparatory Prayer (Redford Sanctuary)
    • 10:30 AM – Preparatory Prayer (Sanctuary)

    • Tuesdays
    • 11:00 AM – Intercessory Prayer Event (Chapel – Room 207)

    • Wednesdays
    • 6:15 PM – Preparatory Prayer (Sanctuary)

    • Prayer Ministry Training - DATE and TIME will appear in Media Panel or in Pulpit Announcements

    Contact Us @ prayer@dwo.org for more information.
  • Seasoned Saints

    Seasoned Saints is DWO’s ministry to and for members that are around and over the age of 50. Although this ministry is geared towards a mature age-group, we consistently see gleaming examples that prove that its name also refers to its members' state of spiritual growth and awareness.
    This ministry provides many service, support and fellowship opportunities and is a very active presence in our ongoing ministry efforts as well as social activities.

    Seasoned Saints Ministries include:
      Seasoned Saints Choir
    • Rehearsals are Tuesdays at 6:30 PM (Chapel – Room 207)

    • Soldiers of Radiance
      The mission is to equip members experiencing the challenge of cancer to be victorious over every challenge they face. The endeavor is to help those members and their families, through the study of the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship, to experience the comfort and love of Jesus Christ first-hand on their journey towards total wholeness.
    • Everyone is Welcome - Members and Non-Members
    • Meet 4th Sundays after 11:00am service in Room 202

    • Living On
    • Grief Support Ministry (loss of spouse or child)

    • 5th Sunday Book Club
      Our mission is to have fun, fellowship, learn and to keep those brain cells growing and youthful. You will be fellowshipping with Seasoned Saints Ministry Members, their guests, friends, family and DWO members.
    • Everyone Welcome!
    • Meet 5th Sundays at 5:00pm in Room 202

    • The choice of book to be read will be listed in the Monthly Bulletin and via email to those who have signed up for email correspondence. The book may be purchased at the DWO bookstore, Costco, Borders or Amazon. Please bring a dessert, fruit, appetizer or beverage to share.


    Contact Us for more information. You can also call us at 313-794-5134 (A Ministry team member will call you within 24 hours).
  • Heart to Heart (Women's Ministry)

    Heart to Heart is DWO’s ministry to and for women and it is designed to empower and unite women from various backgrounds to positively impact their homes and communities with the love of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to have every Woman’s gifts connected and engaged with Godly character and a Kingdom focus.

    Heart to Heart's Vision:
    • To teach and encourage women to walk out the Word of God in demonstration and power
    • To Love the broken, feed the hungry, heal the hurting and support one another
    • To effectively share their faith and testimony with others through mentoring and fellowship
    • To help build healthy families and relationships that glorify God

    Is. 61:1-4, Titus 2:1-4

    Contact Us @ wovirtue@dwo.org for more information.
  • Young Adults Ministry

    The Young Adults Ministry is for believers between the ages of 18-33 from numerous life situations:
    • Single, married, college students, professionals, climbers - everyone
    • Members as well as friends interested in empowerment, relationship, and growth in Christ

    Our Key Goals
    • Provide an atmosphere and avenues that encourage destiny fulfillment
    • Foster relationships that encourage growth, community and strong character
    • Partner with other DWO ministries to promote unity, edifying relationships and cross generational interaction ­ building the leadership of today and the future
    • Provide fun, fellowship, teaching and exchange that causes amazing growth individually along with the plan of God
    • Impact our generation, city and ultimately the world for Christ

    Would you like to connect with other young adults at DWO?
    Here’s how you can!
    You can connect by sending us an email, following us on social media, or simply CLICK HERE to complete our contact form!

    Our Contact Information:
    Contact Us for more information.
  • Legacy Youth Ministry

    Legacy Youth Ministry is committed to reach and disciple youth (ages 12-18) to become those:
    • Who know, worship and follow God completely
    • Who consistently grow in godly character
    • Who know how to achieve their divine destiny
    • Who obtain Kingdom success in daily life such that they develop the conviction to do the right thing, have the courage to live a sanctified lifestyle, and demonstrate compassion to serve Christ, love others, and lead others to Him.

    Legacy Youth Ministry partners with parents to Build, Connect, Engage, and Influence.
    • Build students up in how God sees them, how they should see themselves, as well as how how to see life and others through His eyes.
    • Connect students with opportunities to fellowship with peers and mentors.
    • Engage students with quality worship and a powerful word. Discipleship lessons within Legacy fall under at least one of the five categories:
      • Evangelistic: embracing our own salvation and sharing our salvation with others.
      • Doctrinal: develop a more mature understanding of God’s truth.
      • Ethical: live in healthy biblical relationships with others.
      • Consecrative/Devotional: grow in Christ and be committed to serving God
      • Supportive: find comfort and strength of God to overcome in times of struggle and difficulty.
    • Influence students to live life and order their steps the way has ordained them.

    Redford Campus Service Cadence:
    • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday of every month!
    • Sunday Morning Pre-service Prayer @ 10:45am in The Vault
    • Sunday Morning Service @ 11am in The Vault

    More info contact 313-794-5150 or CLICK HERE  to send us an email.
  • Support Groups

    Soldiers of Radiance
    is a Cancer Survivors Support Group open to cancer patients and family members. We meet every 4th Sunday in Room 202 at DWO Redford location immediately following the 11am service. DWO East meets every 2nd Sunday immediately following the 12:45pm Service.

    Living On
    • Grief Support Ministry (loss of spouse or child)

    • 5th Sunday Book Club
      Our mission is to have fun, fellowship, learn and to keep those brain cells growing and youthful. You will be fellowshipping with Seasoned Saints Ministry Members, their guests, friends, family and DWO members.
    • Everyone Welcome!
    • Meet 5th Sundays at 5:00pm in Room 202

    • The choice of book to be read will be listed in the Monthly Bulletin and via email to those who have signed up for email correspondence. The book may be purchased at the DWO bookstore, Costco, Borders or Amazon. Please bring a dessert, fruit, appetizer or beverage to share.

    Contact Us for more information.
  • Worship and Arts Ministry

    Worship and Arts Ministry assists in fulfilling the mission of Detroit World Outreach. When ministering in a Church for All Colors, we make sure we worship like a Church For All Colors. With styles from gospel hymnals to contemporary acoustic sets, from decorating the stage for the Holy-Days to setting off fireworks for New Years; our desire is to minister to the body of Christ as a whole.

    Worship and Arts Pillar Principles:
    We operate on the 5 principles of a dominating a successful praise and worship ministry. Ephesians 6:11-20
    • Sanctification
    • Selflessness
    • Unity with the 5-fold ministry gift, with the anointing and with each other
    • Spirit of God
    • Skill - musical/appearance/model

    Prep Times:
    Redford Main Sanctuary
    - Audio Team - 6:30pm
    - Light and Center-screen Team - 6:30pm
    - VOD Band and Choir - 7pm

    Blue Chapel
    Seasoned Saints Choir (for ages 55+) - 6:30pm

    - Legacy Youth Choir and Band (grades 6 - 12) - 12:30pm

    Contact Us for more information.
  • Childrens Ministry

    Destiny Zone Youth Ministry partners with parents to disciple, equip and empower young people to achieve their divine destiny. Our staff is committed to help your children grow in godly character such that they develop the conviction to do the right thing, have the courage to live holy, and the compassion to lead others to Him.

    Redford Campus Service Times:
    • 8am worship service
    • 11am worship service
    • 10 am DZ Sunday School
    • 7:00pm Wednesdays

    Contact Us for more information.
  • Destiny Development Center

    ddc logo

    Foundational Scriptures
    For honor does not come from the east or the west or from the desert. But God is the One Who decides. He puts down one and brings respect to another. Psalm 75:6-7 (NLV)

    The righteous is more excellent than his neighbor Proverbs 12:26 (KJV)

    We believe in building strong professional relationships in order to facilitate these three objectives:
    • Collaboration and partnerships that allow the achievement of goals and ultimately vision
    • The establishment of strategies that create opportunities for growth, expansion and fulfillment
    • The full engagement of personal giftings, talents & skills, such that divine excellence is the outcome

    The Destiny Development Center (DDC) has a mandate to assist individuals and organizations to reach professional goals by providing: Wisdom, Coaching, Counsel, Professional Development and Inspiring Experiences. Our belief is that this manifested excellence will positively impact the individual, the community and ultimately glorify God.

    A series of professional development clinics meant to guide you in your career plans, leadership growth and entrepreneurial exploits.
    Duration: 6-8 weeks

    Interactive professional workshops providing you with tools for your future achievements.
    Duration: 3-4 weeks

    Express Sessions
    Quick teaching sessions on specific topics to help you engage your inner strength for excellence and professional fulfillment.
    Duration: 2 hours

    Business & Leadership Insights
    Prominent leaders sharing their wisdom and experience with all seeking professional guidance and mentoring.
    Duration: Quarterly

    The Gathering
    A get-together of like-minded individuals socializing, sharing and supporting one another in Unity, Fortitude and Pursuit.
    Duration: Quarterly

    Coaching and Counseling
    Whether you have personal, professional or specific business-related situations, our team will work to connect you with wisdom and practical guidance to assist you in reaching your goals.

    *Fees may apply for all services

    More info contact 313.794.5152 or ddcinfo@dwo.org 
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