What is the role of Member Services?
The Member Services team is a group of staff ministers and dedicated volunteers that work to support the Members of DWO. Call us at (313) 794-5150. Please feel free to contact us with:
  • Any issue that is defined as a life transition or challenge
  • Any issue that involves financial guidance/assistance
  • Any issue that is personally sensitive in nature
  • Any issue that requires pastoral guidance
  • Any issue where you are not sure what the DWO biblical position is on the topic
  • Any issue that involves a ministry suggestion or concern

When in doubt, contact Member Services at (313) 794-5150.

What is Membership at DWO?

Membership is a heartfelt commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to other believers to accomplish the purposes of Christ within a common vision & mission.
The Vision and Mission of DWO is what makes us unique as a church body.

The summary statements of our mission are the 7 Distinctives of DWO: 

1 – Driven by the Purposes of Christ

  • Walk in the Love of Christ
  • to seek and save those who are lost
  • to destroy the works of the devil
  • to live and model the abundant life
  • To display the excellence of God in the earth

2 – Development of the Individual

3 – Destiny Development

4 – Development of the Family

5 – Diversity of All Peoples. (A Church for all Colors)

6 – Dynamic Church (Contemporary and Accelerating)

7 – Displaying Divine Power

What are the advantages of becoming a member of DWO?

  • Establishing a life giving relationship with other believers in a Church for all Colors, All ages & All people that reflects the composition of heaven!
  • Participating in an amazing worship experience where the Presence of God is consistently manifested and the Power of God is regularly demonstrated.
  • Receiving powerful & relevant discipleship experience through the teaching of the Word of God in a practical manner to help you grow in the Lord and reach your personal destiny.
  • Participating in Purposeful Service such that you fulfill the mandate that is upon every believer.
  • Training in divine stewardship, so that you can live the abundant life described in Scripture and may fully receive the blessing of what God has given you and share it with others.

What is the vision of DWO?

 Display Love , Develop People & Be a light in  the Community”

  • To Display the love of Christ in genuine & relevant ways such that He is glorified by all that we influence.
  • To be a center of destiny development for the members, facilitating the accomplishment of the divine mandate and ensuring that each member fulfills their individual role with excellence.
  • To be one of the most effective soul winning, discipleship and kingdom restoration organizations in the world; recognized for the consistent manifested Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperity of the members.
  • To be an example of Christ operating in the earth ~ changing the spiritual and manifested environment of Detroit while serving as an example and empowerment to the Body of Christ worldwide.
  • To establish multiple worship/discipleship locations and complete family/community support centers such that the mission outlined in Isaiah 58 and 61 is accomplished.
  • To be one of the largest multicultural churches in the United States with a manifested unity that displays the power of God.

What is the DWO Pastoral Commitment to the Member

1 – To ensure that the members of DWO have training and opportunities to fulfill the biblical mandate of the church.

  • Walk in the Love of Christ (Ephesians 5:22)
  • Seek and Save those who are lost is lost (Luke 19:10)
  • Destroy the Works of the Devil (1 John 3:8)
  • Teach and Model the abundant life (John 10:10)
  • To display the excellence of God in the earth

2 – To operate in Godly Character, Integrity and Good Stewardship.

3 – To come before you sanctified and ready to minister the Word of God.

4 – To teach the Word of God in a practical manner such that you can live the abundant life described in scripture and fulfill your divine purpose through the development of individuals, families and the Godly wisdom necessary to reach destiny.

5 – To provide a church experience that is dynamic, contemporary, cutting edge, —- where the Presence of God of is consistently manifested and the Power of God are regularly demonstrated.

6 – To follow the divine mandates that God gives to DWO to fully contribute to the body of Christ as a whole.

7 – To provide Spiritual guidance and support through Life challenges and transitions (through Member Services)

For more information on Membership at DWO, call Member Services at
313-794-5150 or email at memberservices@dwo.org

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